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Responsive Web Design

Some might ask what is Responsive Web Design?  The simple answer is; Responsive web design allows desktop web pages to be seen in response to whatever the size of the device the viewer is using. read more here on how we can help your company seen on any device. ► https://goo.gl/b0bh0  


Social Media And Why It’s Important To Your Business

SOCIAL MEDIA NETWORKING… With every day that passes Social Media Networking is more and more necessary in Today’s Business World.  (Twitter, Facebook, Google+ etc…) is a crucial part of any business and is an imperative marketing tool to continue growth in your marketplace. Read More: ► https://goo.gl/xg0aFB


Search Engine Optimization – SEO

SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION Who says that you need to spend a fortune on SEO.?  We have options that don’t break the bank with proven results! River City Web Solutions uses the following software and data analysis tools to compile a pool of data on your website, both on page and off page analysis. Incoming and […]


Boston Pizza Testimonial

Here is the Testimonial that Boston Pizza wrote prior to BP INTERNATIONAL starting their nation wide social media campaign.  For the six months prior we ran this stores mini campaign for them with great results.


The Dollar a Day Special on Social Media Advertising

For Just $30 a month… gets your business seen by potentially thousands daily. When your Post/Ad appears on both “The Social Network” and “Hey Edmonton” websites and social networks (multiple networks): those posts are available to be seen by the followers of those our Netowrk Buddies. Sign a 6 month contract and only pay for 5. Call Now […]


HIlary Prince Testimonial

River City Web Solutions has built me a website.  I am an artist, and have used the website to showcase my current work, as well as some work from the past. I have paintings of Canada and South Africa, in different categories, such as sky, mountains, water and fields.  I also have Drawing and Miscellaneous […]